Navigation equipment is of paramount importance for the Mourne Mountain Marathon, where participants must navigate through challenging and often unfamiliar terrain. Reliable maps are essential for plotting routes and identifying key landmarks, helping participants stay on course. A compass provides crucial directional guidance, especially in areas where GPS signals may be unreliable or non-existent. Additionally, a head torch is vital for visibility during low-light conditions or if the race extends into the evening, ensuring that participants can read maps and see their surroundings clearly. Together, these navigation tools are indispensable for safety and success in the marathon, enabling competitors to confidently navigate the rugged landscape and complete the course efficiently.

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The Mourne Mountains (KnifeEdge) 59330


Superwalker Map Mourne Mountains (Harvey) 53430


Discoverer 28 Monaghan Map


Discoverer 09 Larne & Ballymena Map


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