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Lilas Fashion and SKFK share a profound commitment to purposeful design, with SKFK leading the way in demonstrating that fashion can be a force for positive change. SKFK's mission is to revolutionize the industry by minimizing negative impacts and promoting regenerative practices. Their approach seamlessly integrates art, design, and innovation, proving that sustainability and creativity can coexist harmoniously. Together, Lilas Fashion and SKFK offer collections that are not only stylish and versatile but also mindful of their environmental footprint, paving the way for a more responsible and forward-thinking fashion industry.

SKFK (28)

Araia T-Shirt


Naike - GOTS Sweater


Haundi Tote Bag


Aia Jacket


Karla Dress


Ilia Trouser


Bioti - GOTS Sleeveless Cardigan


Anais Shirt


Ane Trouser Light Denim