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Lilas Ski offers an exceptional ski clothing hire service, catering to both the general public and educational institutions. Whether you're hitting the slopes for leisure or organizing a school ski trip, Lilas Ski has you covered with a comprehensive range of high-quality ski attire. Their rental collection includes everything from jackets and pants to gloves and helmets, ensuring everyone is well-equipped for a safe and enjoyable skiing experience. Additionally, Lilas Ski provides a retail option, featuring an extensive selection of ski clothing for purchase. This dual service model guarantees that all skiers, from novices to seasoned professionals, have access to the gear they need, either through convenient rental options or permanent additions to their winter wardrobe.

Tips on Clothing

Essential Items for Your Ski Holiday

Your winter holiday is booked and the countdown has begun – now it’s time to pack. No matter your packing style – folding, rolling, or squeezing everything in – our comprehensive ski trip packing list ensures you won’t miss a thing.

Ski Jacket

A waterproof ski jacket is crucial to keep you dry on the slopes. Choose between insulated or light shell-style jackets, most of which come with convenient pockets for your lift pass, piste map, and other essentials.

Ski Trousers (Salopettes)

Special waterproof ski trousers, worn over thermal leggings or trousers, are a must. They come in various styles and fits, so explore our guide to ski trousers to find the perfect pair.

Base Layers

Base layers are essential for staying warm. Opt for snug-fitting thermal leggings and long-sleeved tops.


Mid-layers, such as a fleece or jumper, are worn over your base layer and under your ski jacket. While you might not need one if your jacket is well-insulated, it’s wise to bring one for particularly cold days.

Ski Socks

Invest in actual ski socks, not just thick socks. Ski socks are designed for ski boots, with extra cushioning around the heels, ankles, and toes. They are thin and won’t slip down, eliminating the need for additional socks underneath.

Ski Gloves

Designed specifically for skiing, these insulated gloves usually feature an elasticated wrist or Velcro strap to keep snow out. Mittens are an excellent choice for extra warmth.

Buff or Neck Warmer

Buffs or neck warmers protect your neck and face from wind and snow. Some can also be used as a bandana or headscarf, fitting more comfortably under a helmet than a hat.


To enhance visibility and protect your eyes from bright snow, clouds, or sunshine, a good pair of goggles is essential.
This list covers the essential clothing items needed for a comfortable and enjoyable ski holiday. Check off each item to ensure you're fully prepared for your winter adventure!