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Lilas Fashion and TAIFUN epitomize dynamic and modern casual wear, perfectly aligning with TAIFUN's slogan, "WE LOVE TO MOVE." TAIFUN’s philosophy resonates with active and vibrant individuals who embrace motion in both life and fashion. Their collections feature bold colors and expressive prints that exude a zest for life, striking a perfect balance between sensuality and casualness. Together, Lilas Fashion and TAIFUN offer stylish, energetic designs that empower women to stay on the move, making a statement through their fashion choices every day.

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Savannah Dreams Fire Blouse


Savannah Dreams Shorts


Savannah Dreams Sleeveless Jumper


Savannah Dreams Straight Trousers


Loose Fit Faux Leather Trousers


Savannah Dreams Blouse


Savannah Dreams Dress


At The Riviera Dress


At The Riviera Skinny Jeans